Frequently Asked Questions

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Is BeMob suitable for newbies?
Sure. We have tons of video guides and manuals to get you started on your ad tracking path. With the help of the BeMob friendly support team you will go through all steps to become a professional affiliate. Feel free to reach out. We are here for you.
Is BeMob suitable for professionals?
Our team is constantly working on implementing new features to assure the best tracking experience for our users. That's why we have consulting with Opinion Leaders from the Affiliate industry.
What makes BeMob better than other ones?
Our tech flexibility, performance reliability, competitive pricing and ultimate killing features makes BeMob perfect universal tool for all Affiliate Marketing Industry.
Can I use BeMob for mobile tracking?
Sure, we have all necessary tools to track App installs and match Sale and Upsale cohorts.
Could I use BeMob for free?
We believe you should be confident in a feature you need before any payments. Therefore BeMob includes Free plan which provides you with all functionalities to test them.
Does the BeMob protect ad campaigns from spies and bots?
Sure, BeMob uses a Fraud Detection System to provide you with high-quality human traffic only.
Do I need to have a server for the tracker?
Definitely not. We are fully cloud tracker without any hidden extra costs.
How does BeMob update?
In comparison with other ones, the BeMob team constantly tries to meet your needs. If you need some feature just get in touch and we try to add it asap.
Still have questions?
Don't find any answer? Feel free and get in touch with us via support or email. We are happy to help you.
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